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Boots and Daypack for Sherpa Thinle

Our favorite and fearless trekking leader Kim informed us that the scenery in Mustang was breathtakingly beautiful, very dramatic. Also she was able to buy a pair of boots AND a daypack for Sherpa Thinle with our $100 donation.   

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Visit to The American Buddhist CS, Fremont last Friday

I am still in shock.  I visited the Visit to The American Buddhist CS, Fremont last Friday. My experience was awful. They treated so rudely when I asked them to help us to promote our book inside their community in … Continue reading

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Sorensen’s resort sells our book

Sorensens’s resort sells our book. Sorensen’s is a beautiful resort in the Sierras in northern California, located near Lake Tahoe. The profits will go to Nepal to bring affordable medical technology and teaching.

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Book on Amazon

You can buy the book here!

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Rebuild Nepal

The earthquakes that have struck Nepal since the first 7.8 quake on April 25th represent the greatest natural disasters to befall Nepal in modern history. The earthquakes have killed more than 8,500 people, injured tens of thousands, and left an … Continue reading

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First Book Shipped to Australia

The goal of our organization is to help bring inexpensive medical devices to third world countries. Nepal of course will be a prime target.  So all profits from the book will go to the organization. We shipped the first book … Continue reading

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The Snow Leopard- A Pictorial Companion

Books will be available on amazon this week! Namaste!

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Thousands of people have come together to aid in Nepal’s earthquake recovery efforts. Help us!

Short Summary We are a non profit organization that believes in what we do. Our goal is to provide the right healthcare tools and expertise for countries or areas in need. Modern Healthcare tools don’t need to be expensive to … Continue reading

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Provide five portable ultrasound systems for the hospitals in Kathmandu along with an MD

DONATE  Your funds will go towards the delivery of five quality ultrasound systems for the country of Nepal (Kathmandu). A physician will travel to Kathmandu with five ultrasound devices and will provide assistance.  Most caregivers in this country have never … Continue reading

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Nepal and Tibet Rural Maternity Care

In Nepal, 64% of pregnant women still deliver their babies at home without assistance of a professional. The poorest families have no access to prenatal care or any professional help through the delivery. Every four hours, a woman dies due … Continue reading

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