U-Blok Ultrasound Donation to the Bir hospital in Kathmandu yesterday 3.15.2016

We are so proud to show with images a nice story, a donation to the Bir Hospital in Kathmandu that happened yesterday, one of the poorest hospitals in the city.  We donated the ultrasound with the help of Doctor Montejo. MD, our friends and readers that contributed with their donations buying the Snow Leopard book. We are seeing the results of this tremendous effort made by everyone including myself, posting on social media, packing and shipping books, even my two eleven years old twins helped with shipping and printing labels.

We donated a beautiful U-Blok portable Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet along with the probe donated by Interson, and the software donated by WiCis, and two books donated by our partner Jack from Neuraxion. Thanks everyone!

We are so happy to help this community and their young and motivated team of anesthesiologists to learn how to use this amazing ultrasound technology for practicing anesthesia blocks.


We will continue raising funds to buy another ultrasound this year. The book is beautiful and is also available on Amazon.  You can buy one here: http://wicismedia.go2cloud.org/SHB